Little Man's New Ride – Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car Review

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laugh-and-learnWith all of the snow the last few days we were able to spend a lot more time at home with little man. While he didn’t get a lot of toys for Christmas (at our request) there was one we hadn’t gotten out to play with yet, his “new ride”. His uncle and aunt got him his car and were so excited about it, little man was too now that we finally got it out!

I had to laugh on Christmas morning when I saw FOUR other friends post photos of their kids with their “new ride”, all in this car! None of them overlap in “friend’s groups”, so apparently this was one of the hot ticket items this year for children.

With all of the holiday travel, family gatherings, etc our evenings have been busy. He’s had a lot of fun playing with his other toys but this one has amused him to no end!

The Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car is awesome and I think it is something that will take him a long time to get bored with. Each time he came into the room with it he got a huge smile and crawled over to see what was next.

On the “dashboard” of the car the wheel turns, lights up and so do all of the knobs. They make noise (as do all children’s toys at this point) and sing different songs. Different settings are available for “ABC”, “music” or “car sounds” and there is also a “loud” and “quiet” setting for the sounds (although, i wouldn’t call it ‘quiet’). It does take 3 AA batteries (not included).

Different blocks come with the car to put into the different shapes. Based on little man being 10 months old, all he likes to do with those right now is eat them. I don’t foresee them sticking with the car for very long but someday they will come in handy when he gets older and realizes what they are for. For now, they are good teething toys. Hey, Sophie needs a break every once and awhile.

For those of you considering getting this product there is one thing I will warn you… It does not come assembled and it does not just snap together. I was in a hurry putting it together as I got it out for little man to play with while working from home during the snow storms. When opening the box I did not realize that it was in about 15 pieces, needed stickers applied and had somewhere around 20 screws. I wound up snapping together what I could and putting the rest of it together on a lunch break. Somehow, I still have 4 screws left… Not quite sure how that happened, for now I’m chalking them up to extras. 🙂

Overall I think this is a great toy that will grow and evolve with little man as he learns new tricks of the trade. For now it’s fun to watch his face light up when it sings to him.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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