The Snow Will Go Away…..

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DSC_5283As I sit here and sing “The snow will go away… TOMORROW” (to the tune of Tomorrow from Annie) I start to doubt that the snow will ever go away. It might go away in another life time, or we might just be stuck with it until the end of time. Regardless there is just under 2 feet of snow outside and up to 4 foot snow drifts in our backyard! It also broke 0 degrees today, at one point we got up to 3 (break out the tank tops, it’s a heat wave). It’s safe to say that it won’t be going anywhere soon!

Due to emergency warnings and highways shut down we spent another day working from home today. I LOVE working from home and I wish I could do it more often (my failed attempts at dieting are very happy that I am forced to leave the house five days a week). It is so awesome to have little man playing in the background while I get work done, or hear him upstairs hanging out with daddy. It makes days when I don’t want to go to work much easier knowing that I am working hard for him.

Little man keeps growing and growing, I love being able to watch the things he does all day. He gives us such a good glimpse into a day in his life when we are home with him. We are probably a week or two away from a full time walker and none stop babbler. His new favorite thing to do is wave bye bye… He even says “bub bub” when he waves. My little man is growing WAY TOO FAST! I even got called to schedule his 12 month appointment today. MAKE IT STOP!

After work tonight I took a quick trip down the street to the YMCA to get a quick workout in. I literally have not left the house since Friday night and figured it was about time to get out. Four days straight of the same Yoga pants and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained about 5 pounds.

The roads are a sheet of ice but cleared to drive tomorrow. Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s back to work I go. Stay warm.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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