Low Sodium Taco Seasoning

Low Sodium Taco SeasoningTacos have very quickly become a staple in our house. They’re easy to make and mix it with turkey and they’re not terrible for you. One problem we kept running into was the salt in the taco seasoning. It was way too high and we all would feel gross afterwards.

A quick Google search and I found an awesome recipe for low sodium taco seasoning.

We very rarely use anything but ground turkey for tacos anymore and I can say that this works great with both turkey & ground beef.

The best part about this is that it’s easy to whip up a few little batches and store them in containers so they are ready as soon as you are for dinner.



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Would I Make it Again: Have made it a number of times and will continue to make it!

Kid Friendly: As long as your kid likes tacos this will be a hit! There isn’t a lot of spice to it so while it has flavor won’t be on the “too spicy” menu.

Things I Would Change Next Time: Nothing

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    1. It amazes me how bad regular taco seasoning packets are! This is hands down our go to!

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