Sunday Runday Heatwave

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Sunday has very much become a “run day” for me. Regardless of weather (hopefully) and what I’m training for it seems like I’ve always been able to count on a Sunday runday (give or take a few weekends here or there…. like next weekend).

Sunday Runday

At the moment I’m running when I can. My knee is still acting up (yes I know, doctor visit more than likely coming) & with dark mornings & dark nights it is hard to coordinate schedules other than lunch time. These past two weeks have been a mix of snow and ice here in the midwest making that even more difficult.

We had a random heatwave this weekend and a few hour break from the 90% chance of rain all weekend so I headed out the door with no real plan & my running shoes.

It. Felt. AMAZING!

Those who know me well know that I’m a pace watcher. I constantly am paying attention to how fast or slow I’m going. During our lunch run two weeks ago it felt so good not to watch what I was doing that I decided to do it again. I didn’t check my watch once on my run.

True signs that I’m terrible at judging how fast or slow I’m going, I was pretty convinced I was around a 9:30 mile.

I was wrong.

I decided to rock my blue Old Navy Active Compression Leggings with my Old Navy Active Half Zip Pullover. (Did I mention I have an Old Navy problem?) I wore my Tie Dye Seamless Tank under it but found that I was really too over dressed. As gross as it looked outside, it felt so good once I got moving!

Speaking of clothes (since I haven’t mentioned them in awhile) Did anyone see the Brooks Adreneline GTS 15‘s came out this week? I’m so torn on what to do with my shoes! Part of me wants to try a new type to see if my knee will get better but part of me loves my Adreneline GTS 14‘s! What would you do?

How was your Sunday Runday?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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