Major Renovations (Ritter University Book 1) by Vanessa M. Knight

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Major RenovationsAfter reading What Happens in College I decided to go back and start the Ritter University series from beginning. Even though the books can all be read independently of each other, I really liked What Happens in College so I was looking forward to reading Major Renovations. Ski had played a very minor role in What Happens in College but I wanted to know more about him and the mystery he seemed to put off.


Andrzej Kaminski—Ski to his friends—has always wanted to be a doctor. At least that’s what his father tells him. Ski’s not so sure. With medical school no longer a foregone conclusion, Ski suddenly has no purpose, no direction. He has no idea what he wants to do—football and wrestling don’t count.
Samantha Thunder’s life is overflowing with two-by-fours and sacks of mortar. She doesn’t have time for romance, especially pretty frat-boys with dreamy pecs. She needs to run the family construction business, whether she likes it or not—which means staying far, far away from big, muscled distractions.
Unfortunately, she can’t stay far, far away, no matter how hard she tries. This summer, Samantha is managing the renovation of the Phi Rho fraternity house on the Ritter University campus, and Ski is babysitting the house while he pretends to take some summer classes.
The pressure is on for both of them to make some major decisions—about their future, and about each other. Walking away may be the best answer.
If only they could…

My Thoughts

The book was a little bit shorter so it was a GREAT weekend read. I think I started this Friday night and easily finished it Saturday morning. For the most part it was very focused on just a few characters so there wasn’t a lot of character confusion and followed a very tight story line.

Ski, one of of the main reasons I went back and started this series from the start. I wanted to know more about Ski. He was very mysterious and supposedly grumpy in What Happens in College so I thought the mystery would be solved in Major Renovations. To an extent we got to know more about why he was unhappy but I think we pretty much came to find that he was just a mysterious person who was very focused on getting through college.

I really liked Samantha and I thought that her hard working attitude played great with Ski’s life debate. Both characters were fighting against what their parents wanted but both had very different outcomes. I liked how Vanessa M. Knight used them to help each other figure out what they wanted in life. I especially liked the way Ski came to figure out the direction his med school career would take, even if his Father didn’t approve.

With this book being a quick read, I wasn’t too disappointed at a very predictable ending to the book. Generally speaking when I go into reading the new adult romance novels I expect them to be fairly predictable. It was great for a quick read and gave me the push to keep reading the Ritter series!

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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