Mobius Wrap

I’m not a wrap person, I’m not a shawl person… but at Stitches Midwest 2009, I tried on the Mobius wrap by Crazy Girl Yarn Shop, and I had to buy the yarn, the pattern, and cast it on.

I knit this in about two weeks. I cast it on the night we got back from Stitches (September 11th) and bound off my last stitch as I was landing in South Bend after a weekend visiting Georgia (September 28th).

The yarn was Blue Haron Yarns – Rayon Metallic in the Deep Blue Sea/Silver colorway. It only took one skein of yarn. Granted the yarn is a little bit more on the expensive side, but I will say it was well worth it.

It was knit on size 9, 24” circular needles.

I love the wrap, it was so easy to knit and it provides a great finished product that can be worn all year. It’s light enough to wear in the summer but will make a good cover when you need just one more layer for the winter.

If anyone is looking for a quick, easy knit project, this is a great one for that!

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