Newborn Essentials… The Second Time Around

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When Little Man was born we bought most of what was recommended. That bottle warmer (that barely got used), the swing (which has since gone missing…oops), the bottle brush, etc. With Baby B we tried to avoid buying too much since we already had more than we needed already. As expected, things are different this time around. With a toddler running around there were a few newborn essentials we have relied heavily on this time that weren’t quite as necessary the first time around. 

Newborn Essentials... The Second Time Around

Newborn Essentials for Baby Number Two

Moby Wrap

Okay, I won’t lie I really loved this when Little Man was born too. We used the Moby Wrap a lot with Little Man but it has become essential to us getting out of the house with Baby B. I love being able to chase a toddler without having to carry the carseat alongside us. It has gotten us out of the house more times than I could have imagined!

Bigger Diaper Bag

Maybe it isn’t “essential” but I’ve found necessary with two little boys is a bigger diaper bag. Our Vera Bradley diaper bag we had when Little Man was great but I love our larger Vera Bradley diaper bag one even more. My mom found it at the outlet sale last Spring. The diaper bag is just a little bit bigger allowing for room to bring stuff for both boys when we go out. This might not seem like a big deal but I always like to have an extra set of pants/underwear for Little Man as well. 

Stroller For Two

When I was pregnant I decided to hold off on a new stroller. Little Man’s had fallen apart (literally) and we had another one my mom had found at a garage sale. It was working for us and I would take the boys for walks with Baby B in the Moby. A few weeks ago we decided it was time to take the plunge and buy a stroller for two. One of the best decisions we made! With 12 different seating options it has been great for our daily walks!

Newborn Essentials for the Toddler

Newborn essentials for baby number two aren’t just for the baby. With a toddler running around there are a few other things to help with his needs that we have relied on. 


Little Man has watched more TV than I care to admit over the last few weeks. As we have been figuring out our schedule we have been working on incorporating more games into his downtime. With Baby B eating (non-stop) it has taken away some of the play time that we normally would have had with him. We’ve been trying to play more with flash cards to help entertain him as much as we can. Flash Cards have been great for when Baby B is eating, they don’t require moving and we are getting somewhere with letters and numbers. Puzzles have also become one of his favorite things. Simple & easy but something he can do with us or on his own. 


Books are something we have pushed a lot this year at bedtime. Little Man hasn’t always been excited to read. Over the last few weeks he has gotten a few new books and has been getting more and more excited about reading. A friend gave us Daniel Tiger Big Brother and that quickly rotated into our nightly choices of books. He also is finally getting excited about the Clifford series…even though it means reading Clifford’s Christmas. We can all sit in his bed at night and read them together as we slowly establish a nightly routine. 


With Baby B not on a schedule we very quickly realized Little Man needed his schedule even more. It took us a few weeks to get it back and it’s not perfect but it has helped in more ways than one. He’s much happier and more predictable each day. 

Newborn Essentials for Mommy & Daddy… A Weekly Plan

Okay, so maybe we needed a few things too. Actually there has been one thing that has helped more than anything… a plan.

Yup, a newborns schedule is unpredictable. Some nights we sleep 4 hours at a time, some most nights we are up every hour. With a toddler running around it doesn’t matter how much you slept the night before…you have to be ready to play at a moments notice. There is no “sleep when the baby sleeps” rule the second time around. 

I’ve kept my planner on the kitchen counter since the day we got home. Each week I’ve planned out at least one day where we are out of the house doing something fun for Little Man. Ideally, as we become less of a traveling circus, we will be aiming for two to three days a week. This forces us to not be lazy all day and keeps us moving on the days where mommy just doesn’t want to. Not to mention it gives Little Man something fun to look forward to.

Even on the days we’ve stayed home Little Man still manages to get out and play with his friends on occasion. Our walks and trips to the park have also been a perfect excuse to start exercising. Each week I’m setting a goal number of walks as part of our weekly schedule. If nothing else it gets us out of the house for a little bit & keeps us all sane.

When Little Man was born, we barely left the house. It was Winter, it was cold & I was pretty sick with an infection from delivery. At the time I didn’t realize how bad it was mentally for me to stay home as much as we did. Our weekly plan is key to everyone’s health and has been a great way to “try” and follow a schedule. 

What things did you find essential with a newborn? Was it different for you the second time? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I am a mother of a one year old baby girl. When we were preparing for her arival we didn’t buy a lot of things that we knew they were not going to be used. I thing I didn’t get that I really wanted was the 4moms mamaroo. I know when we get to baby #2 it is going to be the first thing I’m going to buy.

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