Is #StrollerSelfie A Thing? Weekly Workouts

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These days I feel like there is a hashtag for everything. You know, #tbt (Throwback Thursday) #mcm (Man Crush Monday), #TransformationTuesday, etc. There should be one for #StrollerSelfie. You know, all of those moms and dads out there working to get active with their kids share a selfie on social media. What’s the point of a workout if it’s not on Instagram, right? Just kidding. Sort of. No really, just kidding. 


Stroller Selfie

Anyways, #strollerselfie aside last week was much better than the previous week fail that happened. 

Goals From Last Week

  1. Walk 4 times – Nailed It! 
  2. 10,000 Steps A Day, At least 5 Days – I got one day and very close most others. 
  3. Plan at least 3 dinners – Mmmmm Kind of fail here. 
  4. Drink 100oz of water a day – Almost nailed it! Just missed two days!

Workouts This Week

I randomly decided to sign up for a Audible Free Trial for our walks. Not that I needed something to listen to necessarily, but I feel like I need to get through some books and it seemed like a good opportunity. I decided to download My Year Of Running Dangerously and I would highly recommend it. I’m only 1/5 of the way through it but so far it’s fantastic! 


After last week I was ready to hit the ground “walking” again. We hopped in the stroller and got our walk in for the day. Even though I didn’t hit 10,000 steps (I was so close) it felt good to be out. We even snuck in a trip to the park. 

Steps: 8,311


Rest Day!!! Monday’s turn into my day to get as much done around the house as possible. While it feels like I didn’t get nearly enough accomplished, I still kept busy most of the day… and made another trip to the dentist. 

Steps: 4,586


The boys and I decided we needed to get out of the house for awhile so we really got moving today. We did our 2.4 mile route and it felt great to just be moving after a long few days. Granted the nice long walk was offset but a few Red Lobster biscuits and endless shrimp. Oops. 

Steps: 10,846


Happy Birthday To Me! We did manage to sneak in a 2.2 mile walk before digging into a wonderful dinner and a whole lot of cake. 

Steps: 9,202


Our last walk of the week (unfortunately) managed to happen in between the raindrops. We made it without the rain but the rest of the day was pretty dreary. By Friday it was very rainy and walking definitely wasn’t going to happen. 

Steps: 9,523


It was a rainy day (although nothing compared to what the South East was hit with) so we spent most of the day inside. 

Steps: 6,862


We ran out of time for a walk but had a busy day around the house and running some errands. I was hoping to sneak out for a quick walk but the sunset is just too early these days. It’s making it a lot harder to get out! 

Steps: 6,000 – EXACT!

Goals For Next Week

I’m hopefully cleared to run tomorrow so I’m looking forward to very slowly starting that again. Ultimately that is my main goal for the week. 

  1. Run 3 times. Distance doesn’t matter… just get started again. 
  2. Walk 2 times. 
  3. Eat right
  4. 100 Oz Of Water a day

How was your week last week?
Do you think we should start the #strollerselfie trend? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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