Officially Snowed In With Snow Storm Ion

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Snowed InIf you haven’t seen any media lately, you might have missed the fact that most of the Midwest is freezing under snow, literally. We have officially been snowed in for about three days now with somewhere around 19 inches of snow. Snow storm Ion has hit us and it hit hard. I can honestly say, I’m not complaining.

Before the record low temps hit our area I took the little man out in the snow. It was his first time in his snow suit and the first time he was able to actually sit in the snow (vs. sitting on a sled for a picture). We lasted about 2.43 minutes outside but he had a BLAST! Our pup was running around and could not figure out what mommy and little man were up to!

While most of our state was on a state of emergency yesterday we all cuddled inside, watched the snow fall and played with all of little man’s Christmas presents (for the record, the ones with ‘some assembly required’ might not have completely made it out of the boxes yet). He is still loving his gifts and had so much fun snuggling in new fleece pj’s last night that he got as a Christmas present!

Somewhere along the line we’ll get around to taking down the actual Christmas decorations. The -11 degree temperature outside is not very encouraging to take down the Christmas tree or stockings. It still feels like Christmas even though it’s January! My peppermint obsession hasn’t subsided either so we broke into a new batch of peppermint hot chocolate to cure the cold feeling!

The roads were not cleared this morning so it was officially a work from home day. Husband was snowed in as well so he and the little man got to have a little man/daddy day while mommy worked away in the basement. As much as I hate to work while they play I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to take a lunch break and stop to play with my little man for a few minutes today! He wasn’t exactly thrilled when I left to go back to work, but it was so nice to see him & still get my work done for the day!

Are you snowed in? Stay warm!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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