Post Flu Run

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Post Flu RunJust when I thought things were getting safe in my house, my body proved me otherwise! Friday night I wound up with the stomach flu. I was so bummed out because I had signed up for another 5k on Saturday morning and wound up missing it. I was looking forward to getting back at it since I haven’t really run a competitive 5k in almost two months (but yes, I did love the Glo Run). While I have one next weekend, it looks to be very small and I’m not sure how many signed up are really runners vs. walkers. I guess we’re hanging on until the end of June for the next big one!

I knew I wanted to get a good run in today, but I also knew that two days ago I barely move from the couch. I figured I’d let my body make the decision for me as to how far I was actually running.

Keeping it slow, it actually didn’t feel like too bad of a run today! I thought I would feel a lot worse. My time was nothing competitive and nothing that I would hope for on a race day, but overall I’ll take it for spending the last few days on the couch.

I’ve also decided that it better not be freakishly hot at the end of October when we aim for the half marathon. 85 degrees and humid was a LOT more than I expected it to be at 9am.

A huge thank you to all of those who serve our country on this memorial day. Enjoy the day with your families.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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