Quick Run To Beat The Rain

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20140429-200048If you live in/near the Midwest you’ve seen the weather forecast. They are calling for rain pretty much all week (until Saturday, thank goodness!). All day I watched clouds come and go. One minute it was beautiful and sunny and the next had people in our office convinced we were on a Tornado warning (no seriously, they just read the wrong state on the warning).

Anyways, the rain held off all day until I was about 5 minutes from home it started to downpour! By the time I got home and changed I convinced myself I would run in the rain. The sky cleared up and I was able to squeak in a 3.1 mile run! The entire time I was staring at a giant black cloud though…


Needless to say, that was good motivation to hurry my ass up and get home! I think I had my best time ever for running 3.1 miles. I finished in 26:09 which put me at 8:26 a mile. I was pretty pumped up to say the least!

I am still feeling the stretching issues. I have been doing some research and I think in the midst of attempting to beat the bad weather today I let myself go without enough stretching. My hamstrings were not thrilled about that! I need to get better at it.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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