Six Miles!

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20140427-195846I know I kind of mentioned this the other day, but it’s fun to look back to February and see how far I come.February 1st I ran just over a mile in 15:15. Today I ran 6 miles in 55:30!

After yesterday I knew I needed to get my butt moving. I have not been feeling right the last few days and I know a large part of it is sleep, or lack there of. The little man has been teething, I’m coming off a stressful & busy week and I let it all get to me. Today I changed and decided to head out with the goal of 6 miles.

In my mind, just because it was windy looking outside it didn’t mean it was windy. Of course It wasn’t for miles 2 & 3. Miles 4, 5 & 6 had another thing coming! It was very windy but I was very proud of myself for pulling it off. Of course it did help that I saw a large number of friends posting on Facebook that they ran the Glass City Half Marathon today. They motivate me.

The throw downs through text message started tonight in the debate on running a half marathon. After seeing a number of friends post about it today I was highly considering it. Then my running buddy texted me saying we are doing one… so we are on the hunt for one. Oh Dear…

Rockin Out To: LMFAO
Sporting: Under Armor Orange Top, Athelta Capris

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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