R U Serious – Nashville Part Eight

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R U SeriousAfter finishing Ready to Reach for the book tour, I decided to keep reading. Inglath Cooper had me kind of hooked on this series. One thing I did notice as the series went on is that they were between 90-150 pages so they were very quick reads. If you are looking for a great little series that you can read in a weekend (or two plane rides across the Atlantic ocean) I would recommend checking out the Nashville series!

Thomas & Lila get a much deserved break in R U Serious as we head back to the story of Cece and Holden.


CeCe and Holden have what is sometimes unusual in the entertainment world: a good marriage. They know how lucky they are to have found each other, and with the recent scare they witnessed best friends Thomas and Lila go through, they’re determined not to take any of it for granted. But life in the public eye can come with its drawbacks, and when Holden begins to receive attention from a woman intent on having him, he’s no longer sure the spotlight is worth it. CeCe refuses to let another woman’s fixation determine how they live. But desire is a powerful force, and when a woman is willing to go to whatever lengths are necessary to get what she wants, the game suddenly has no rules.

And without rules, no one is safe.

My Thoughts

This wound up being one of my favorite books (besides Ready to Reach in the series), mainly because it was one that seemed to feel most “realistic” compared to the others. As I mentioned in my thoughts on Commit, for the most part this series has felt like a fan fiction to me. I’m okay with that and I wouldn’t have kept reading if I was not.

Addressing the issue of a stalker & the mental issues behind it is a fantastic issue to be addressed. It is something that a lot of people take lightly and something we have seen on more than one occasion kill those that are being stalked. Cece was clearly right to be concerned about Charlotte.

Inglath Cooper did an awesome job playing out Charlotte’s part and I loved that we were able to see inside her head as well. Not only did it help you understand the help that Charlotte needed, but it helped play out both sides of the story as her plan was unveiled.

The ending though, ugh. Poor Cece.

On a completely unrelated note, I love the matchmaking on Cece’s part to get her mom and Case back together. I had wondered what had happened with them and I’m so excited to see what You, Me and a Palm Tree brings for them.

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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