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Kindle 2About a year ago I bought my Kindle. Honestly one of the best purchases I have made. Ever since I graduated college and randomly decided to do my senior paper on the Left Behind series (which involved reading 12 books in 5 weeks plus my other full load of work) reading hasn’t really been happening too much. Until I bought my Kindle I think I read 3 full books in two years…

Oops 🙂

In December I was reading a series called the Lauren Holbrook series. While it is a cheesy Christian series, it was good to get back into reading. While it took me 5 months to read three books (I’d get into them one week and not read for three weeks) I finally finished the last of the series two weeks ago.

Last year when I first got my Kindle I ordered a book called Vision in White by Nora Roberts, it was part 1 of a four book series and the second one had come out in October called Bed of Roses.

While its cheesy romance

I can’t put the book down. I’m already a quarter of the way into it. Unfortunately, the next book, Savor the Moment, isn’t on Kindle… Wow, I’m getting spoiled with my kindle.

Anyways, I’m reading again… it is getting my mind moving which I needed to do, and I think in some ways is making me think more when I write. Whether it be my own personal writing, or writing here, or writing over at the GT blog (yes I referenced A Cinderella Story in my speed blogging post today), it is getting easier, kind of like it was back in college.

Weird huh? 🙂

Knitting is coming along, I randomly cast on a shawl last week so hopefully that will continue to move forward. Until then, I’m off to read my cheesy books.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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