So Long June

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June 2014Well June, It’s been real. If you would’ve told me back in February that five months later I would be doing as much as I was running wise. I pretty much would’ve laughed in your face.

After looking at my overall miles for April (55 miles) & May (56 miles) I decided to set myself a little bit higher goal for June. I decided I wanted to run 60 miles. It really didn’t seem like it would be that much more. Little did I know that I would not only hit my goal but blow it out of the water.


I officially ran 71 miles in June. I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

Furgeson PhotographyI ran two races in June. The Happy Trails 5k & The Footloose 5k. I hit my PR at the Happy Trails 5k & very much did not at the Footloose. Both races were a ton of fun & I’d consider doing both again next year.

The other big event of June was that I made the final decision to sign up for a half marathon! It will be taking place at the end of October. Yikes!

For the next week I will be “resting”. Aka not sneaking out for an evening run. In honor of the Fourth of July, there are roughly 40-50 people coming to my house to celebrate. That means I have A LOT of cleaning to do with the hubby this week.

Honestly, it couldn’t have timed out better. The half marathon training plan that I will be following (Garmin Level 1) starts 16 weeks out from the half. Ironically, that is July 7th. This next week will be nice to take a small break from running, rest up my legs & just overall get ready to go. I will probably try and get a run in next weekend sometime but for the next four months it’s training time!

I am REALLY excited about the half marathon and I can’t wait to start training. I might be a little insane?

Accomplishing my goals in June really helped motivate me and a lot of my longer runs show me that I can do it.

How did June go for you?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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