July 2014 Goals

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I hope everyone had an AWESOME Fourth of July. I sure did. There was yummy food, perfect weather, cookouts, friends, family & parades. All things I love rolled up into one great holiday.

Now that the fourth is over & there are no longer 50+ people chillin in my back yard, it is time to get real for July’s goals. I had been hoping to blog these on Tuesday but there was too much cleaning to be done and I couldn’t find a way to sneak onto the computer!

With that being said. I have come up with a few July 2014 goals.

1. Run 50 Miles

In June I set myself a goal of running 60 miles. I not only ran 60 miles, I blew past that goal & ran 70 miles. Half Marathon training kicks off this week so I will be sticking fairly closely with a plan. That means that I’m running the mileage they tell me to. Since our plan is more focused on time vs. mileage I do not have an exact number of miles we will be running. I have decided my goal is to run around 50 miles for the month. It seems reasonable & while it is a lot less than June, it will be a nice way to ease into our crazy training coming in August/September! Ah I can’t wait!

2. Finish 4-30 Day Challenges: Squats, Planks, Pushups, Beach Body

Okay, I’ll be fair on this one. At work we are currently working through squats, planks & pushups on our breaks. We are very close to finishing planks & pushups and not far behind on squats. The hard one for me is remembering to do Beach Body at home. So far I’m 2 for 5 on this one…. Oops!

3. Hit 138

Yes, this week I am staying away from the scale. I did decide that once August 1st hits I am no longer going really focus on losing weight. I really am at a healthy weight for my height / build and what is left is just a little bit of fat that needs to be toned up more. I am (as of Sunday) 1.8 pounds away from my final goal. Once I get back on track after this week I am hoping it will happen!

4. Less “Over Calorie” Days / Not Using The Excuse “It’s okay because I’m going to run”

I use this excuse WAY too much. I even got called out on it for going to Dairy Queen once because I knew I was going to run that night. I made myself run a 10k to make up for a blizzard cone. That needs to stop! It’s not just the calories that matter, the sugar, fat etc does too!

5. Cross Train Min. 2 Days a Week.

Part of our training for our half is “Cross training”. I need to find a few good workout’s on YouTube to do on days when we are supposed to be cross training. Any recommendations?

What are your goals for July?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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