Sophie the Giraffe

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Sophie Le GirafI spend a lot of time on Baby Center, I read Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. Many of my mommy friends and mommy blogs told me to buy a Sophie the Giraffe Teether. I laughed, said I would never spend that much money on a teething toy…

After countless late nights in August with a teething 5 month old I caved and spent the $22.95 (or whatever the price was at the time, something similar) on the stupid amazing giraffe… and I never looked back.

I won’t lie that is some of the best money I have put into a toy! I thought it was crazy, a random rubber giraffe for teething? It isn’t cold? How the heck can this be a teething toy?

It turns out, babies love to chew. Something about the rubber texture of Sophie the Giraffe makes them even more attracted to chewing and playing with her. I’m not quite sure but the box tells a story about how Sophie the Giraffe originated in France in the 1960s. Obviously 50 years later she is still a success story!

Little man LOVES it! Ironically the day I bought it he bit my finger as soon as I tried to give it to him a felt a little poke. His first tooth broke the surface. Needless to say for the next few weeks Sophie went everywhere with us as that tooth worked its way up and his second tooth came in.

While we had a short teething break, the need to chew on things continued. Sophie (and anything else he could get in his mouth) stuck around and still was used on a daily basis. He squeals when she squeaks and he can come grab her and chew on her head.

At one point Sophie was in need of a bath. The cleaning instructions on the Sophie the giraffe box said to wash in warm soapy water. So I soaked Sophie and she cleaned up pretty well. I ran I to one problem though… Water got into her and her high pitched normal squeak sounded more like she needed a trip to the vet. It took awhile for the water to work it’s way out which makes me want to wash her again and avoid mold.

Sophie the giraffe has quickly become one of little mans favorites. We do not leave town without her. If you are questioning whether something like that is really worth it, I would say it is. They do also make other teething toys that are slightly less expensive if you want to try those first. Sophie also has her own line of books, we haven’t checked them out yet but I’m sure we will soon.

The moral of the story, don’t question advice from other moms… and don’t call a giraffe stupid.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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