Spite Run?

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After spending the first half of this week sick, I could not WAIT to get back to running this week. I’ve often talked about how “stressful days” wind up with some of the best runs. Today is pretty much the worst I’ve ever felt about myself going into a run and possibly the best run I have ever had.

Long story short, I found out that a good friend had a lot of opinions about my weight loss & posts I had made. I was referenced as an “asshole who needs to eat a cookie” and mentioned that I think I deserve a gold star for the things that I post on Facebook (a run here or there). I tend to keep my personal Facebook page super private (visit my Goodbye Baby Weight page though!) but have from time to time posted victories (running my first 5k, pictures from The Glo Run this past weekend, etc). Let’s just say my confidence dropped to an all time low today.

I started my evening run and it just didn’t happen. I turned back after a half mile, came home and talked through everything with my AMAZING husband. After the little man was in bed I headed to the gym. We ALMOST cancelled our membership this month since I’ve switched my focus to running outside, but decided to keep it for nights like this… when I just don’t make it before it gets dark.

Best 5k Time... What?

As I ran, the more mad I got about everything that had happened earlier in the day. It is safe to say it turned into a spite run. I kept running and every time I got more mad I hit the speed button. At one point I ran an entire mile at a 7:30 pace. It just turned into one of those nights. After my run I hit up the row machine. We hadn’t visited with each other in awhile. I didn’t go far, just needed enough to get that last ounce of frustration out.

Row MachineAnd not to be annoying, but I took a selfie before hand because I am OBSESSED with the Old Navy tank tops!

SelfieI rocked out a new album I downloaded off of iTunes. Apparently my iPod is still set on very odd vocals so I need to get that figured out…. the album was good and I think will help with running but I need to find a way to make it actually sing… HA! 2013 2014 Running Remixes

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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