A Scale Victory

I know not all victories should be measured by numbers. I try VERY hard not to measure all victories by what I see on the scale. There are days though where knowing where I’m at will 100% motivate me to stay on track. Others, not so much. I take it all in with a grain of salt and if its a good day, run with it. Bad days…. run harder.

After my late night workout last night I felt AWESOME this morning. My normal Friday weigh in showed a “wee bit of progress” and by “wee bit” I mean huge.

October 5, 2013 I weighed in at 174.4 pounds. This morning I weighed in at 144.4. I officially hit the 30 pound loss mark. Words cannot express how excited I was and how ready to go I am for the last 6. I have completely changed my lifestyle, my habits & have found a new sport in the process.

I am so excited for what is next!

30 Pounds Lost

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