Spring Break!

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Sorry for not putting up a diary last week. I just couldn’t sit down and put last week into words. Well, anyway. I’m on a plane as I type this. Even though it won’t be uploaded till later. Whatever. I’m on my way to Florida! I know that not a lot of people are on spring break now, but I am! *smiles*

This little kid in front of us has headphones on and just yelled “Hit me baby one more time” It was cute. Anyway.

This past week has been an OK week. We had 5 tests the last two days before spring break. GRRR. I think I got an 89% on my Geography one, and I hope I did just as good on the rest. *Crosses Her Fingers* My French teacher wasn’t at school yesterday, that was the highlight of my day! LoL!

The kid in front of me has Brittney Spears, my favorite (see the sarcasm?), in his CD player and I can hear it. He’s dancing to it.

NSA (No Strings Attached) This is the COOLEST CD! I love it! It is so cool. Its a totally different style for any boy band. Go NSYNC! YAY!

We are working on Level 6 stuff at the gym. It’s fun, I got my back walkover on low beam. I also did half of the level 6 bar routine last night at the gym. Plus I can do one pass on floor.

Not much else is going on. So I guess this is where I will end my diary for now. Maybe More later


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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