Gymnastics State Championships, Testing & Bowling

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This past week has been fun but bad. (Make any sense?)

First of all we had Proficiency Tests. (See March 3 Diary for Explanation) Anyway, I think I did ok on them. Pray that I passed them.

Tarzan Came Back to the Gym! Actually he wound up leaving this morning but he was back all last week. On Thursday we were sitting on the floor (after a pretty bad workout) and doing out splits and I was talking to Megan and Tarzan walked by and goes “Hey Whats Up?” I was like “nothing really.” He goes “See Ya” and I was like “Yea, Talk to you online tonight” and as he walked away Megan goes “Oooooooo, since when do you talk to him?” I go, “I’ve been talking to him online.” and he heard us. Grrr Moran! LoL. Anyway.

I got a cold again on Friday and wound up not going to gym. I guess that’s a good thing because Tarzan brought his girlfriend. My teammates love to tease me about her. I don’t care. He’s 18, I’m 14. Little Age difference.

Friday night I went bowling with my Conformation group. That picture at the bottom was of some of us that went. It’s my favorite. It’s actually a half way decent picture of me too! We had fun, and I still beat you Mark!!

Church Bowling

Yesterday was awesome. I had my State Championship meet. I was the only one in my session from my team to place. My Scores were:
Vault: 8.55 (7th Place)
Bars: 8.1
Beam: 8.1 (7th Place) I’m still in shock!
Floor: 8.2
All Around: 32.95 (would’ve been 8th place)

Best meet of my life, even though it wasn’t my highest all around.

Anyway. Ummm, up to today, not much is going on.

I have a concert tonight.

Peace Out.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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