Stress Workout

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At one point today I probably could’ve run 10 miles and not even noticed it! Today was one of those days, desperate for a workout. Of course by the time I got home, got the little man to bed, etc my energy was shot! I got new shoes this weekend in hopes that they would help my ankle.

Unfortunately my ankle is still really sore so I need to keep trying things! Today was the first day it was almost not sore all day. Part of me wonders if I injured it with the old shoes and it wasn’t just stress.

Either way I have kick ass shoes and they match my shirt so it was bound to be somewhat good of a workout!

I started two 30 day challenges, an abs challenge and a squat challenge. Instead of my normal second half of the workout I did those today instead. I did enough butt ball at work yesterday to give me a night off. In an attempt to save my ankle a bit I stayed away from rows.

Sportin: orange under armor top, old school capris
Rockin out to: workout playlist

Elliptical: 5:37, .6 miles and 57 calories
Treadmill: 31:25, 3.11 miles & 370 calories

30 day challenges:
Squats: 60
Sit-ups: 25
Crunches: 10
Leg raises: 10
Plank: 15 seconds

I’ve been loving my fitbit and am still trying to get the blog connection to work! Summary for that soon!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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