45 Laps??

So mentally I prepared myself that 10 laps around the track at my gym is 1 mile…. Come to find out it’s really 15 laps in a mile. Mentally I was ready to run 30 laps, turns out I had to run 45 instead!

Sportin: tek gear top and jockey capris
Rockin out to: lmfao

Elliptical: quick 5 minute warmup on level 6
Track: ran 45 laps (3 miles!) in 31:20 and walked 7 laps after that to stretch out.
Rows: 5 minutes on level 5

30 day challenges:
30 sit-ups
12 crunches
12 leg lifts
20 second plank.

This seemed a lot harder than it feels like it should have!

70 squats

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