Summer Workout Clothes

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summer-workout-gearThere is no question that I am far from fashionable. I’ve always been drawn towards comfy vs. in-style and I am often laughed at when having conversations with co-workers about fashion. Sweats have always been my favorite and in the last year I discovered the comfort of active wear there has been no going back. There’s been times where I’ve been so frustrated with finding jeans that fit right that I have wound up with a new pair of running capris instead.

I rely on my friends to help me figure out outfits that at least look decent, but when it comes to workout clothes there is no stopping me. From Fabletics to Old Navy I’ve found my favorites and have no complaints about living in them when I’m not at work.

Summer is almost here and the humidity is in full force. I’m excited to break out my summer running (or workout) clothes again finally & rock them all weekend long.

Old Navy Go-Dry Graphic Tank

When it comes to tops, I’m all about the tank tops. The Old Navy Go-Dry Graphic Tank was my go to last summer and I am in need of a few new ones. I’ve worn them down so much they are faded. Generally speaking Old Navy has these on sale throughout the summer and I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a few more of them. They are comfortable and flow out a little bit so they give you room to breath while you’re running or exercising.

Old Navy Go-Dry Compression Capris

The Old Navy Go-Dry Compression Capris were also my go to last summer. As much as I wish I could pull off shorts, we just don’t mix very well together in the workout department. These are the perfect length to keep your legs cool and I’m so excited that they came out with a ton of new colors this year! Last summer they were mostly black but checking out their website this year there are a ton of great new colors!

My Little Monkeys Tanks

This winter I picked up a couple of tanks with fun sayings from My Little Monkeys on Zulilly. I’m always on the hunt for something new and these looked like a fun addition to my ever growing collection of tanks. The two I picked up said “This is my Happy Hour” and “#NoExcuses”. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ve seen them more than once on Zulilly!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

When it comes to shoes I have decided there is no question I’m staying loyal to my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 shoes. I tried a new pair of Nike’s over the winter and was just not happy with them. Plus now Brooks has come out with their kaleidoscope collection and it is taking everything in me not to order them!


I have not picked up a pair of sunglasses yet but I feel like that is on my list very soon. My friend and I were having a debate over running visors vs. sunglasses a few weeks ago and I’m still torn. I feel like I will need one or the other this summer!

I’m always looking for more clothes (you can never have enough), so what are your favorite summer workout clothes? Do you wear a visor or sunglasses when you run?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. I’m planning to pick up some tanks very soon. Now that I am FINALLY running I’m figuring out what I like and what I don’t like. With tops I’m all like “FABRIC DON’T TOUCH ME!!” lol So the flowy tanks are the bomb. And I love Old Navy’s yoga pants. I used to wear those when I coached.

    1. Go to old navy!!!!! Their tanks are my favorite hands down! I have like 6 from last summer! Definitely check them out you won’t regret it!

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