Cadence: Secrets of Wings by R.L. Lib Review & Giveaway!

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Cadence: Secrets of WingsI am so incredibly excited to finally publish this post, so excited that I’m giving a way a copy of the book below!

Back at the beginning of January my Sister-in-Law (Rebecca) started talking on Facebook about a novel she had been writing for the last year and a half. As she wrapped it up, she asked me to read a copy of it as it was being sent off for editing. Therefore I was able to get my hands on a VERY early copy of Cadence: Secrets of Wings.

Confession Number 1: Going into this, I thought I would have a very hard time distancing myself from the fact that I knew the author and would read it in her voice. This wound up not being the case at all. I found myself completely sucked in & not reading it in her voice at all. I considered this a huge plus and a great attribute to how well written the book was.

Confession Number 2: Magic, angels & demons are not a type of book I would typically read. Yes, I read the The Hunger Games & they top the list of my favorite books. Yes, I read Harry Potter and loved every minute of them. When it comes to actually picking out a book I tend to shy away from any type of book with magic. I have NOTHING against books with magic, it’s just not the area I’m drawn to first.

With all of that being said, I was extremely excited to read Cadence: Secrets of Wings. One of the great things about this book was that while it is about different worlds (Heaven, Earth & Hell), a bulk of the book takes place on Earth in a high school. Not only did it make it easier to visualize the day to day interactions of the characters, it also made it something that teenagers could relate to.

Book Description

When demons corrupt the souls of the innocent, angels take matters into their own hands… Cadence, a half angel, descends from Heaven to save a damaged soul from evil. Cadence discovers that this is no ordinary mission and she is not a typical angel. When Cadence discovers her miraculous abilities, she is in desperate pursuit of the truth. Her quest to save the girl intertwines with a thick web of secrets. After an adventure overflowing with evil, forbidden love, enemies, loyalty, blood, and sacrifice, Cadence is guided towards the truth. When she untangles the secret of her wings, nothing will ever be the same.

Overall Thoughts

I loved the book! I had no problems getting sucked into the book, nor did I have issues distancing myself from knowing the author. This book was extremely well written & the story line was clearly thought out. I loved that there was not only a love interest but an added love triangle. There were moments where I found myself wanting to reach into the book and yell at Cadence and moments where I just wanted to hug Mikhail for being so sweet. It was easy to think of them as my friends.

In the end I found myself sitting on the couch for a good six hours refusing to move until I finished the book.

Cadence: Secrets of Wings is a book that even though based off of nonhuman characters, teenagers and young adults can relate to.While most normal people don’t face physical demons throwing fireballs at them every day, they face every day physical and mental challenges of simply being human. Being a teenager isn’t easy & these angels found out the hard way what temptations and challenges are around high schools in every day life.

If my review isn’t enough, here is my quick testimonial that I shared with the author at the end of the book.

Cadence: Secrets of Wings is a fantastic novel that catches your attention from the very start. Following the forbidden relationship of Mikhail & Cadence is just one of the many story lines book readers are able to relate to. As a young adult novel, Cadence: Secrets of Wings explores a typical teenaged lifestyle through the eyes of angels and the demons that haunt them. From the very start, the story line & creativity in the novel Cadence: Secrets of Wings will keep you wanting to know more.  

You can buy Cadence: Secrets of Wings in hard copy, pre-order the eBook (due out May 16th) OR enter to win a copy of the eBook below!

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Disclaimer: Yes, I know the author. I was in NO WAY compensated for the book other than reading an early copy of the book. All opinions of this book are my own and only my own. 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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