Sunday Runday, Labor Day, Hip Hop & Travel All in One!

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So I’m a day late on this Sunday Runday post but I spent the weekend out of town visiting family & was a little too busy to keep up with the blog for the weekend.

Sunday Runday Recap

Sunday morning I hit up my old stomping grounds from high school cross country for my long morning run. For some reason all of the old routes I used to run felt like they should be a lot longer! I had a route mapped out in my head that I thought would get me a good 6-7 miles… It turns out it was about 3. Oops!

Sunday Runday

I got a little creative and tried to beat the humidity by heading out early. The humidity got me (crazy hair, don’t care?) but I still had a pretty decent run. My original goal was to run for an hour and 45 minutes. As I neared the end of my route it was either run two hills or stop about 5 minutes early. I decided that I would slow it down there as my legs were feeling the end. I probably should’ve kept going but I felt really good with how it ended. I stayed right at a 9 minute pace (more like went out around 8:30 and was doing about 9:30 by the end) but felt really awesome to hit my longest run yet!

A Day At The Toledo Zoo

If you have never visited Northwest Ohio or The Toledo Zoo, I highly recommend fitting that into your next road trip across the Midwest. Let’s be honest… the Midwest doesn’t always have a lot to see but the Toledo Zoo is hands down one of the best in the country. It’s not just me who thinks that, they recently were really voted the best in the country! Everybody’s zooing it!

The Toledo Zoo

We had some family time and spent the day at the zoo. If you ever get a chance to enjoy lunch in the animal cages (trust me, it’s clean) I highly recommend the caramel cookie ice cream bar. That thing was AMAZING! I only ate half but it was still pretty damn good!

Anyone Want a Slice of Pizza?

As if I didn’t eat enough at the zoo, we were also celebrating my mom’s birthday. Dinner was a treat and somewhere along the lines my 11 mile run made me a little hungry. I decided a flat bread with sweet peppers & onions sounded like a good idea. I can honestly say I didn’t expect it to be THAT big!

It was ALMOST as good as the ice cream bar. In case you’re wondering I went well over my calories for the day… even with an 11 mile run.

For cross training last week I enjoyed a few rounds of Hip Hop Abs. I’m getting a lot more coordinated and Shaun T stopped laughing at me. Okay he wasn’t REALLY laughing at me but I figured he probably was if he saw me trying to keep up.

Time for a new week! 5 mile race this weekend!

How was your Labor Day weekend?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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