#SundayRunday… My Knee Hurts Edition

Another #SundayRunday in the books! Since yesterday was race day, today’s run was “60 minute easy paced run”.

If you notice the picture, I made it 45 minutes.


I think I’m going to take a few forced rest days this week. My knee has been acting up on and off for the last week only when I am running. During the race yesterday I felt it a bit but was able to keep pushing through. I think adrenaline helped a lot more than I realized.

While my knee was going in and out of pain I decided it was better to stop a little early vs. keep pushing and let the pain get worse. Honestly as the night has gone on this is the first time my knee actually bugged me after my run.

Needless to say it still felt great to get out and stretch out a little bit after yesterday’s race. Time to look forward to week 8!


Oh and I had waffles for breakfast. Because it’s a weekend!

Have you ever had knee pain? How was your #SundayRunday?

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