Superhero Dash 5k

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Super Hero Dash 5kI am apparently a competitive person. More so than I thought at least. I’m still bummed about missing last weeks race but was excited that I had another one lined up, the Superhero Dash 5k. I was excited to see more people signing up as well, when I first signed up there were only 7! Yikes!

In the end there were probably close to 100 people between runners and walkers and it was a nice group supporting a nice cause!

This was not a timed race & there was no first, second, third but I still was wanting to get a good time & hopefully beat my PR from the first race I did this year.

At the start line they said slow runners back up and fast runners move to the start…. two people went to the start and everyone backed up! I decided to join the guy & girl at the start and asked them how fast is “fast”. The guy told me “I’m just crusin today around an 8:30 mile… It’s a good day for a nice slow race.” Just throwing it out there, there is NO WAY he took off at an 8:30 mile! I tried to keep him in my eye sight but lost track of him pretty quick. I stayed in second almost the entire way when the other lady caught me at the last .25. I really had gone out too fast. Needing to pace better.

I finished third overall and was the second female. I will take it!

Overall it was a fun little race & I will do it again next year. I get way too competitive with myself sometimes though! Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s not… ha!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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