When 4 Miles Becomes "Easy"

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Easy Four Mile RunIt is no secret that throughout this journey I have been getting in better shape. Just under four months ago I was excited to run a mile and then I ran two miles. Looking back I remember thinking I would never ever run a 5k. Somewhere in there I said my goal for the YEAR was to run a 5k. Now a mile is a warm-up and 4 miles has become “a normal run”. It’s crazy to think about how much has changed in really just a short amount of time.

Running has gone from “no way in hell” to “I can’t wait for my evening run after a rough day”. Six months ago if you would’ve told me how much running would factor into my life these days I would’ve 100% laughed at you. Now I guess that has changed!

Tonight I wanted to go for an “easy 4 mile run” so I laced up the shoes and headed out. One thing I am REALLY trying to work on is pace. I feel like on a treadmill I can handle it a lot better than I can outside running. I’ve been using Nike+ on my phone to track my runs and I tried to kind of watch it as I went. I was all over the board. Some minutes I was at a 9:20 pace and some at a 7:45 pace! I really need to get more consistent.

I will take it though. I finished my 4.03 miles in 35:12. Just throwing it out there that my 4 mile time was 34:57. I’m too competitive with myself and constantly want to stay under 35 minutes for a 4 mile run. I’m weird. My post-flu run the other day was definitely a slower 4 mile run but its a matter of getting back up and going!

Fitbit says I burned 406 calories (I trust it a little more than my Nike app since it’s actually on me and knows my habits) so I will take it!

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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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