Hoosiers Win!

Thanks to a huge IU Hoosiers win right as I got to the y I had a fairly highly motivated workout. Not bad for someone who almost didn’t go.

Rockin out to: Miley…. Sigh yea I admitted it
Sporting: tekgear workout top and fleece pants

Elliptical: set on personal trainer/manual. Level 7 with a goal of 300 calories and a cool down. 346 calories total.

Row machine: way more successful this time. Setting 7, 5 minutes.

Cybex: 3 sets of 10 resistance 50

Work workout (5 times throughout the day)
20 squats
15 second plank
20 crunches
15 second plank
10 push-ups (this varies between 10 and 15)

Post workout selfie included to give you nightmares

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