7 Mile Run – That's One Way To End a Weekend

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I didn’t get a chance to blog this run last night & apparently forgot to blog Friday’s run. Whoops! Tonight was a nice 7 mile run (plus a few extra tenths of a mile) and it felt AMAZING!

After a crazy busy weekend (and a weak-feeling 4 mile run Friday night) I was looking forward to my Sunday long run. I love my long runs because it is a really great chance to clear my head.

7 Mile Run

With a super busy Sunday I wasn’t quite sure how “long” of a “long run” I was going to get in. I don’t like running after dark and wasn’t able to leave until 7:45pm. Luckily the sun stayed out long enough for me to get a full hour long run in at 7.25 miles!

I did not stretch very well (this is becoming a theme) so my legs tensed up a little but I told myself to keep pushing. From now on, regardless of distance I am going to stretch!

My goal for the month of June is to run 60 miles. In April I ran 55, in May I ran 56 so I knew that I would have a good chance of getting 60 if I tried for it. I’m up to 54.85 miles for the month! With two more running days this week, a race on Saturday & possibly a quick run Sunday I should be all set!

July 7th starts half marathon training. Eeeek! I’m excited :).

What were your June goals?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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