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I’m a few days late to the game. I caught half of the finale on Monday night and had to go back and re-watch the beginning before giving my full opinion. “The most dramatic season of the Bachelorette ever….” has official come to an end. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve been annoyed at Shawn’s jealous nature, we’ve felt for the guys who got sent home (Ben H for Bachelor?!) and we’ve fallen in love with Kaitlyn (maybe). This weeks Bachelorette season finale wraps up Kaitlyn’s love story and gets us ready for Bachelor in Paradise, starting this coming Sunday!

Shawn vs. Nick

First things first, the drama. For the most part you could tell this season was going to come down to Shawn and Nick as the final two. ABC has been setting us up for awhile so I don’t think anyone is shocked that they were the final two guys left. I was sad to see Ben H go home but fingers crossed E! Online has it right & he will be showing up to meet the limos in a few months.

Meeting Her Family

You can tell immediately that Kaitlyn’s family is not fond of Nick based on his season with Andi. I love that her mom said right off the bat that she has a problem with Nick based on how he acted on Andi’s season. It’s great that Kaitlyn was honest with her family about what happened with Nick and Nick’s reaction was priceless when she told him that her parents knew about Dublin.

Kaitlyn’s mom is my new favorite person on The Bachelorette. There was no question that she wanted to get right down to business with trying to trust Nick. She let Nick have it and was not afraid to voice her concerns. In the end Nick wins her over and both of them wind up in tears.

Did you know that Kaitlyn and Nick have “an amazing connection”?

You can see the second Shawn walks up that Kaitlyn is already “there” with him. She is giddy, she is excited and her smile is huge. There is no question that she is more in love with him than Nick (at least as it is portrayed on TV). I do understand her mom’s concerns about Shawn’s jealousy and I think it is good that it was addressed long before any of them even saw him on TV! I was getting annoyed the last few episodes where all we focused on was Shawn and “the other guy”.

I love that Kaitlyn’s sister points out to her how giddy with Shawn and immediately announces that she is “Team Shawn”. She points out how much Kaitlyn is connected with Shawn where as Nick it is much more of a physical attraction.

I’ve been Team Shawn from the start, so I was excited her family saw the same. I just can’t see her accepting Nick’s proposal.

Final Dates

Ohh, finally someone is on a boat date. We haven’t had one yet this season, have we? Kaitlyn is really torn but I still think you can see (maybe it’s the editing) that she is much happier with Shawn.

They talk but they seem to spend much of their time making out. It could all be in the editing, but it just seems like they don’t talk much. I won’t lie, I had to laugh when Nick said “I got you something it’s in my bedroom,” and Kaitlyn responds “are you serious?!”

Nick’s picture frame was sweet and I can see how after spending the day with him Kaitlyn is even more torn. At the same time, how much of it is being forced by producers? I always have to question that with “reality” TV.

I love that Kaitlyn pulled the mom card on Shawn with sunscreen. You can tell that Kaitlyn is better at having the serious conversations with Shawn than she is with Nick, especially since she is struggling to not tell Shawn what is going on. She looks like she wants to vent the world to him but can’t because of the show. Unfortunately Shawn now looks even more nervous. Good for him to address it at dinner.

It is interesting to hear Shawn say that there will be parts of the show he will actually watch (but not all). I’m curious after hearing Whitney say she only watched her and Chris’s dates how much Shawn actually will watch. Will Chris ask him on After the Final Rose?

At the end of the day Shawn wins at romance. Can she please just say yes now?


Not going to lie, I was excited to see Nick get out of the limo first. By the end of his time with Kaitlyn I actually feel bad for him. She should have sent him home before he got to the point of proposing (or almost proposing).

Arguing back with her was not smart on his part as it seemed to aggravate her more, but at the same time she should’ve let him go before his speech. It seems like she had very much made up her mind by the time she got to the mansion. When I first saw the ring in his hand I didn’t like it… although I came to notice that Shawn had the same one… Did Kaitlyn get to pick it out ahead of time?

It is good Kaitlyn had a chance to settle down a little bit before seeing Shawn. I felt so bad for how many tears came with saying goodbye to Nick. I won’t lie, I got so excited when she said

“I know it will be worth it once I see Shawn.”


As soon as Shawn walks up, Kaitlyn is clearly so much calmer. Again, Shawn for the romance win. His speech… AMMMMMAZING! The smile on her face says it all!

Although, she threw me for a loop when she was giving her speech and she paused. I was worried she was going to tell him she was backing out. In true Kaitlyn fashion, she left us hanging but it was for her to tell Shawn that she loves him.

I love that even though we all know what is coming….she is still shaking like crazy.

“We’re in love & we’re allowed to tell people now” – Kaitlyn

Congrats to Kaitlyn & Shawn!

After the Final Rose

I love how incredibly giddy Kaitlyn is. Her unique laugh has become a sound byte this season but her bouncing on the couch is just hilarious.

Oh Nick. Back in the hot seat. I feel like Nick did a much better job this time around keeping calm about the things he was upset. You can see how much he has grown as a person since Andi’s season. Unfortunately that is twice now that he’s been through it. Maybe he’ll be a surprise guest on paradise? 🙂

Did anyone else feel like Shawn and Nick were about to kick each other when they were sitting on the couch? You could tell it took everything in them to not say hateful things. It was a good try to get them out on stage together and hug it out, good job producers!

“First things first, I want to introduce myself. My name is Nick”

Sorry Nick, you’ll always be “the other guy”.


First of all, if you haven’t read Twitter during a Bachelorette finale, you’re missing out. From Bachelor Burn Book to Bachelor Interns I was cracking up for most of the show. At the same time I had to laugh as Andi & Josh (no longer together) were tweeting the entire night. Josh’s tweet had me laughing, even though it shouldn’t have.

I also had to laugh at all of the tweets about getting engaged at the bachelor mansion. Many former contestants admitted to things that happened in that pool, let’s just say it took away from the romance of the proposal.

Throughout the season I had a lot of moments where I really questioned whether Kaitlyn would wind up with anyone. I had read spoilers that had actually confirmed that at one point (they since have proven to be false) but there were a few episodes that made me think it was possible. Overall it was a fun season.

I liked how the season changed and skipped hometown dates. Usually that is a pretty fun episode to watch but it seemed to work with what Kaitlyn needed. It will be interesting to see if they can break the recent streak of couples breaking up… fingers crossed they’ll go through with the wedding!

I know Brit and Brady are over, but I even wound up liking after disliking her so much during Chris’s season! Maybe she could be the next bachelorette, for real this time?

Next week Paradise starts (wohoo Ashley S is back!) but the real question remains…When is Ben H going to be announced as Bachelor?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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