There is Something About Christmas Knitting…

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Every year I insist that Christmas knitting starts September 1st. Sure 116 days seems like enough to get the Christmas knitting done. This year, with the wedding, job and everything else going on with life I decided it was best to wait until November 1st and just have a very short Christmas knitting list.

Somewhere I forgot that without fail I add in a number of last minute knitted gifts (yes that is the name of a book, no I am not knitting from it).


Something about Christmas knitting that makes me want to cast on every thing in the world that I don’t normally knit. Let’s ignore the fact that I already have 15 projects on my needles, 6 of them have tight deadlines ranging from December 19th (in hopes that the post office plays in my favor) to December 24th.


In the past three weeks I’ve managed to add four “sets” of knitted gifts to my Christmas knitting list. Forgetting that there are 3 items on the list that are not even completed yet, one of which hasn’t even been started.


Yet somewhere in my mind I refuse to believe that we are really 18 days away from Christmas. There’s more time….


In that case, let’s not talk about that sweater for myself I cast on last week….

How is your Christmas knitting coming?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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