What Not to do to a Knitter… the Week Before Christmas

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We all know what “Santa” does The Night Before Christmas and we’ve seen lists from the Yarn Harlot of “What to Buy a Knitter for Christmas” but many people forget to warn non-knitters how to handle a knitter around Christmas time.

So, loved ones of knitters… with one week left until the biggest deadline of the year for knitters, here are a few things NOT to do your favorite knitter as this holiday approaches.

10. Hide their needles.
It doesn’t matter what else needs to be done that day, the presents will not be finished if the needles are nowhere to be found!

9. Reorganize their knitting closet.
We have our knitting closets organized JUST the way we like them!

8. Force them to destash.
Really? you can’t wait until AFTER the holiday to bring this stress?

7. Question the pile of laundry starting to grow.
Don’t do it, just don’t. You’ll be safer if you just let it be.

6. Give them a countdown till Christmas.
Please just let us live believing we really have more than a week… it will be better for you. Trust me.

5. Ask them if they will really have enough time to complete all of their projects before Christmas.
Keep it up and you’ll get yarn and needles for Christmas

4. Complain about the number of projects they currently have on the needles.
Having multiple items on the needles keeps them from losing their sanity over one project.

3. Hide their yarn.
You really don’t want them to finish their Christmas gifts do you?

2. Ban them from purchasing yarn.
Buying yarn is great stress relief and most knitters are fairly stressed at this point.

1. Ask for a “last minute knitted gift”.
Just hold off on asking ANY knitters for a gift at this point. If you really want it, ask for it for valentine’s day.

(To be fair, only one has happened to me and some happened to a few of my knitting friends. For the rest of the items, it is safer just to warn non-knitters now before the rest happen!)

How is your last minute Christmas knitting coming?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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