Twistars Invite 2002 – Lansing Meet

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Yesterday was sooo awesome!!! We had a meet in Lansing Michigan. First driving up i saw the Governers, which is the hotel we stayed at for the youth gathering i was like DUDE I KNOW WHERE WE ARE!! So then we get to the gym.

Warm up for the competition went pretty good. March-in came and went.

All of the sudden I was up on bars. Bar routine went really well, my flyaway was weird cause I had a mat to land on, but the mat slid and I went with it, but I didn’t move lol. I was just laughing. I got a 7.800.

Beam… wow… The one event I don’t want to talk about, but I will anyways. I get up and I do my full turn.. all is good… so far… All of the sudden as I’m doing the little dance before my back walkover a coach yells to her team “SCREAM A LITTLE LOUDER” and I’m telling myself to block it out, I go for my back walkover and i hear a really loud shreak right as I went back and the next thing I know, my foot totally missed the beam. I got right back up and went back into my routine, I’ve been having a few problems lately with my full turns, and guess what, that stupid shreak came again halfway around and I was off the beam because I couldn’t stop myself. I got back up and Told myself to focus and forget the stupid coach (a few other words were being thrown in here and there… hehe) and then I got through the rest of my routine and stuck my straight split split jumps, I was really happy about that, but I got a 6.825… I got off and started crying I was soo upset.

The team was also cheering really loud and I didn’t hear that I got a warning (on time) and the next thing I know they called time.

Floor…. That was actually pretty good. I did some really good front handsprings and stuff, and my aerial, well I did something weird doing the hop kick, but I did my aerial without touching. I got a 7.900.

Vault… hmmm… lol… what can we say about that. First vault went really good and I stuck it…. second vault… hmm… put it this way there was two gymnasts vaulting towards each other… that’s how the gym was set up and I saw the other girl go and it threw off my steps… but yea, I had a pretty funny looking vault… I laughed it off because my first vault was better and I got an 8.625.

Awards started going on… wow that was boring… Karla and Dean were the only ones to get any medals and it was like 18 and 20 or something. So we decide to leave during the senior age group (yea that’s my age group but it was mostly nine people) so my mom goes to the bathroom and comes running in and goes MORGAN WHITE IS RIGHT THERE!!!!!

Morgan White

I go “OMG” and she walked past me and I ran over and grabbed my team and we all went up to her and Laurie and I were like “hey, whats up” and she signed autographs for my team and I got my picture taken with her. Then she was only able to sign for my team because people were telling us to leave. But we all got her signature.

She was supposed to be signing today but showed up yesterday for a small amount of time. It was soo sweet. Shes so nice.

Then we went to dinner… imagine my team (after the stories you’ve read) in an enclosed room… It was fun, We took a team picture but I need to get a copy from Kayla, cause my camera was out of time. But it was fun.

I have a meet in Cinci. Next weekend… yay!!!! Well I have to go, Its late, I need sleep!


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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