2001 In Review

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Breakfast of Champions

Wow, crazy year, I’m sorry if there’s a lot of negative stuff ๐Ÿ™ I’m basically taking my 2000 year review and putting it on here, only with stuff about 2001 and adding more to it!

Biggest Accomplishment: Running for my school in cross country and finishing 23rd in the championships. (okay it was big my first year!!! lol) It was also awesome watching our guys team win the championships (our girls team didn’t have enough people lol)
Best day after school: Probably November 28… First Night of TEC 19 lol
Best Trip: Dude, its all about Colorado!!!!
Best Meet: Either States back in February or the Sunrise Classic this past November, our teams first win!
Saddest Announcement: Me having to tell my team its my last season competing with them ๐Ÿ™
Best thing for us at the gym: Winning our first meet!!
Best new skill learned at the gym: Layout!!! and Layout Half
Grosses Thing to watch: Anything dissected this year
Funniest Phone call: ummm… none lol
Moment I’ll Never Forget: Ride home from cedar point… pimp of the back… lol Brit and Tris.. and TEC 19 when Mandy gave the cue, and we ran through the doors screaming the looking Katharine and Dave’s face… and sitting downstairs in the lobby of the Sheraton hotel in Ann Arbor listening to my friends Kayla and Laurie go “OMG ITS THEM THEY’RE DOING BACKFLIPS DOWN THE STAIRS”
Most annoying thing: Going Back To School
Moments that made me scream for joy: Men’s Silver Medal at Worlds, My gymnastics team winning our first meet (okay, we screamed high shreaking pitched screams for like 15 minutes lol), Our guys cross country team winning TAAC (okay that was one COLD experience lol), Being Part of Wheat Team at TEC 19
Moments that made me cry with furiousness: Lets see… there were a lot of those… lol… That One babysitting job, wow that ticked me off, the day my parents told me i had to quit gymnastics (only cried for an hour and a half), Jason Gatson getting hurt (National Chat?! lol) When Paul Morgan and Blaine all got hurt within one weeks time!
Best Song: Oh I have No idea… I liked a lot this year ๐Ÿ™‚
Best Moment of the Year: umm… Standing on the first place podium with my gymnastics team at our first meet of the year, where we won but a TON of points ๐Ÿ™‚
Hottest Guys: Jared F (hmm. I do believe he was on the list last year!! Guess who was at the gathering again! lolololol), Blaine Wilson, Jason Gatson, Sean Townsend, Paul and Morgan Hamm, Jason Furr, Todd Thornton (Yea Amanda), Casey (WITHOUT THE PONY TAILS AND LONG HAIR), Drew Watson (okay so he’s kinda 2002 but hey!!) Tristan :):):)
Worst Day of the Year: The morning of Saturday March 10th, when the phone rang at 7:00 AM too tell us my grandma had died the night before
One of the Hardest Days: The last time we were cleaning my grandmas house and when i walked into the room i slept in and the only thing there was my great-grandma’s fox scarf hanging on the door
Worst thing that Happened this year: Loosing my grandma
Best Day of the Year: January 20th. Breakfast with Morgan and Paul!!
Best People Who Have Come to Me: All my friends from tec, I dont know how much of this year i would’ve made it through without ya! Nathalie.. who ever though I.. ME would be running! lol… and Last person, I just met in April, who pointed out to me how i over react, and how dumb I can be sometimes, Tristan, can’t thank ya enough!
Online Sister, Best Friend, Person Who is Always There: Kristen, can’t tell you how much I can thank you for being there when i just need to talk!
Gymnast of the Year: Sean Townsend, Need I say more, the guy is awesome
Best Chat Room: My Gosh does it get better then Nationals Men’s Finals?! LoL Anyone who was there… CAN YOU FEEL THE TENSION!?
Funniest Night: Nationals Men’s Finals… Chat Room… I do believe the exact quote was


and quote from Jessica

” *makes mental note, dont mess with kristin during quick hits *”

then all of the sudden I start going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO And to find out… Todd was named first alternate ๐Ÿ™ but he made the team!!! hehehehe
Goal For 2002: Win States For Gymnastics, Win TAAC, Find Some Type of Trampoline Place (parents don’t know this yet lolol hehehe… HINT HINT MOM!!!), and have a year 100000 times better then 2001

– Kristin

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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