Two more days!

Just two more days! With a crazy schedule this week and the gym closing before I could get there I was attempting stuff at home but not being all that successful. My scale even laughed at me today. Okay, it didn’t really laugh but if it could laugh it would have.

I finally got back to the gym today. I ran 3 miles in 27:26 (I was trying to hit 27:00) but felt amazing to be back running! It’s funny, I haven’t run in 10 years and now I go 4 days without it and I go crazy!

Our contest at work ends Monday and while I have a very slim chance of getting 1st I’m still trying to stay motivated through the weekend. I still have weight to lose after the contest so it’s just one step on 3 or 4 more goals!

I did row machine for 10 minutes and finally am back on track with my 30 day challenges (abs only for now).

Rockin out to: workout playlist
Sportin: under armor top and jockey capris pants.

Happy Saturday!

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