Eunice Socks by Cookie A

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Very rarely do I sit and spend months (literally) trying to find the perfect pattern for a skein of yarn. Every once and awhile though, socks will get ripped out 5 or 6 times before I find the pattern that they want to be. These socks were a prime example.

I bought this yarn in mid-March at A Good Yarn Sarasota while we were on vacation. For awhile I wanted to come up with a pattern that perfectly described the beaches of Siesta Key… After ripping them out about 10 times I gave up and decided to find a pattern that would fit this yarn.

A number of the yarns at this wonderful yarn store (if you are ever in Sarasota, Florida or around that area… I highly recommend stopping by) have a unique back story. The owner’s husband is an underwater photographer. He takes pictures of various under water climates and sends the photos to a few different yarn companies around the country. The yarn companies dye yarns to match some of his photos and they are for sale exclusively at a Good Yarn Sarasota!

I immediately fell in love with the colorway Midnight Pass from Madeline Tosh yarns. The photos both here and on their website cannot do this yarn enough justice. The colors are BEAUTIFUL and I’m pretty sure there are a few orders coming from Northwest Indiana soon.

This pair of socks got started 5 or 6 times, I lost count at the number of different patterns I tried and finally I put them down all together.

My knitting energy hasn’t quite been there for most of the summer. Granted, NONE of my energy has been around this summer. With a little one growing in my stomach suddenly the idea of sleeping at 6:00pm sounded a lot better than knitting.

During the Olympics I spent a lot more time staying awake, mainly because I can never get enough gymnastics. I picked up this yarn and Cookie A’s Sock Innovation and flipped to the perfect pattern for these socks, Eunice. Within the first week of the Olympics I finished the first sock. Then I stalled out.

Finally a few weeks ago I picked back up the second sock and knit away because I couldn’t wait to have a new finished pair of socks. It had been WAY too long.

Last weekend as Notre Dame took on Michigan State I finally got the toe of the second Eunice sock done. I love these socks, this yarn and had a wonderful time knitting the pattern.

These socks were knit on size 2 (signature) needles over a span of about a month and a half. Had I had my normal energy they would’ve been done much quicker!

I cannot say enough about Cookie A’s patterns and if you haven’t tried one of her patterns or have been too scared to TRUST ME it is not that bad! I used to say I would never be able to knit a Cookie A sock… and now I can’t knit her socks enough.


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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