Friday Favorites AKA Is Spring Finally Here?

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While we are probably still one more snowfall away from it officially being spring like weather, we’ve gotten a pretty good taste this week here in the Midwest. With a high of 74 yesterday I was so excited to be out and about and finally get our evening walks back on our schedule. Little man has been loving the ability to be outside at all hours of the day, I have a feeling there will be very little inside play for us this summer and I’m completely okay with it!

With another round of spring coming this week I’ve found a few more spring Friday favorites!

Maxi SkirtsMaxi Skirts

I am not a girl who wears skirts. In fact I hated skirts with a passion until I tried on a maxi skirt last summer. I always thought people were nuts for being obsessed with them. No one told me that it’s a way to wear yoga pants in a public place that otherwise wouldn’t normally allow yoga pants! I stocked up a few weeks ago at Kohl’s on some of the Sanoma Life Maxi Skirts and I was excited to finally break them out!

Running Clothes

Under ArmourAs per my hatred of skirts, it’s probably clear that fashion is not a top priority for me. After the last year of going to 30 different stores trying to find jeans that fit (still looking, btw) I usually wind up in the athletic section. I buy workout clothes for days. An unsupervised trip to Dick’s Sporting Goods yesterday resulted in a new running top that I’m incredibly excited about. I’ve been on the hunt for a good “spring” running top, not too hot but not quite ready for short sleeve/tank top weather yet. Under Armor was having a sale & I may have come home with the UA Tech 1/2 Zip Twisted top!

Evening Walks

Little man and I love our evening walks. It’s my time to wind down from a day at work and his time to ask questions. It felt so great to get back out this week. He did insist on pointing out EVERY SINGLE MAILBOX we passed, which in our neighborhood is a lot. Needless to say, I can’t wait to start going more often as the weather gets warmer.

Fresh Fruit

Winter is always the worst time of the year to shop for anything produce. I try and buy what I can but I get bored with apples and oranges pretty easily. The last few weeks we’ve been getting huge hints of summer by getting fruit that actually has taste. My husband brought home a pineapple earlier this week and it feels so good to have real fresh fruit back in our house!

What are your favorite things about Spring? Do you ever have problems finding pants that fit right?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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