Goodbye Tarzan

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OK, tonight was a very interesting night at the gym. OK, I got to the gym and was all happy and stuff and Then Janet (my coach) announces that Tarzan (coach/gymnast AKA Mike) was leaving. He was going to join the army. So we were all like, omg no, you know stuff like that. (I wasn’t the only one who thought he was hot)

Anyway, my coach was in a make fun of Kristin mood, so when he got to the gym, she starts going on and on, making kissing noises and stuff. I had wanted him to sign one of my shirts that I bought at the camp I met him at this summer, but by the end of class I was too embarrassed to. So I had my friend Sara go up and ask him (Turley, If you’re reading, I said thanks, w/out the hugs and kisses) She did and he signed my shirt. (He said it was his first autograph ever, I feel special!)

It was really weird. Janet wouldn’t stop making kissing noises. (I was getting so embarrassed, wait, did I already say that?) Anyway, It was kind of weird.

We have like a huge test next week. In the state of Ohio, if you don’t pass it by the time you are a senior, you don’t graduate. I know it sucks, but I have to pass them all, so I won’t have to take it again next year. So I have a lot to do this weekend and this next week. That’s about all, Peace Out!


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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