Holiday Recipe Roundup

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Last week I dug up and baked a different Holiday recipe three nights in a row. After making somewhere around 200 buckeyes (they taste better than they look) I added puppy chow and more cookies into my menu for the week. I’m pretty sure that is a record for me, but it reminded me of how much I love making sweet treats… I just don’t need to eat them all.

Buckeye Candies - Holiday Recipe

Now that Christmas week is here, not much has changed. Is anyone else doing a little bit of last minute food prep for the holiday? I can’t be alone in this situation. While most of my food for tomorrow is on the grocery list, I’ve found myself continuing to add just one more Holiday recipe to my list each day.

Anyone who knows me shouldn’t be shocked by this situation. Food blogs top my list of favorite blogs and I make about 1% of the recipes I do save. I’ve come across some pretty amazing looking holiday recipes over the last few weeks and thought I would share. You know, just in case you haven’t planned your Christmas dinner yet.





Drink Up

Don’t worry, I understand if you just made a grocery list a mile long. I won’t even begin to tell you how many pages mine is.

Holiday Recipe Roundup

What is your favorite Holiday Recipe?
Do you prefer last minute shopping or did you shop weeks ago? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that question….

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Puppy chow and Buckeyes happen to by my all time favorite. We are going to the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, so we may be making LOTS of buckeyes for the event!

    1. Oh my gosh they are so amazing! We will be enjoying the Fiesta Bowl on tv… although I’m from Ohio I married a die hard ND fan…. yikes!

    1. I’m so glad to know that more people actually know what buckeye treats were! People around me had no idea what I was talking about!

    1. Glad I can help with your list. It will be great for next year too!

  2. I’m making Buckeyes tonight! But not 200 LOL, though I bet they will fly faster then all the other cookies I made. I’ve got a lot of ohio transplants in CO this year celebrating with us! 🙂 – Cianna (

    1. I’m glad to see that others are enjoying buckeyes as well! So many people around here have never heard of them!

    1. They all sound wonderful! I’m looking forward to trying them throughout the year too!

  3. Thanks for all the great recipes…you just saved me a TON of TIME! And as far as my Christmas shopping is concerned…I was out till 10 pm tonight trying to finish. Ugh.

  4. Simple Christmas Sangria is calling my name! Thanks for sharing so many amazing holiday recipes. They all sound divine! Cheers!

    1. I’m considering starting at the top of the list and working my way through now that Christmas is over 🙂

  5. These recipes look so good, especially that vegan cranberry orange bread! I just got back in the kitchen last night with my mom to make a bunch of vegan cookies and I always forget how much I love making holiday treats too!

    1. I want to make them all! They all look so good. I’ve made a few of them and they were great!

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