If We Were Having Coffee In September…

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To me blogging is like having coffee with a friend. There are so many things I want to share on a day to day basis but it is impossible to call all of my friends each night. Once a month (or so) I like to catch up over a cup of coffee with my friends in the blogging world. Care to join me? What will you be drinking today?

I made it a three cup of coffee day but I have to tell you this Chocolate Amaretto Coffee From Smart Sips is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. Grab your cup, let’s catch up!

If We Were Having Coffee…

Popcorn Fest Sunrise

I would tell you about how much fun we had at the Popcorn Festival last weekend. The parade was WAY too long but the rest of the morning was wonderful. It started out with a beautiful sunrise and was a lot of fun getting some steps in as well as racing. The full recap is coming soon.

While sipping on our coffee, I would tell you about 4 year old t-ball. It’s pretty hilarious… have you ever seen 9 kids pile on each other trying to get to a baseball? I highly recommend it for entertainment. Little Man is loving it and I’m having a great time seeing him work with daddy on the field.

We would probably talk about the fact that Baby B turned one a few weeks ago. Time truly does fly. His birthday party was filled with Dr. Seuss themed decorations as well as the most awesome smash cake I’ve ever seen. So much love to one of my good friends for doing the cake.

As we detox from the month of August and all of the sweets we ate, I’m looking forward to continuing to get back on track with weight loss and running. Yesterday I had a 9 mile run on the treadmill and it felt fantastic. The Ultimate Healthy Living bundle comes out next week and from what I can see it is a DON’T MISS bundle. My bundle collection is growing faster than I can read them all. They are all so wonderful.

While We Were Drinking Our Coffee I Would Probably Tell You About…


I’ve been trying to get my camera back out more often lately. I’m REALLY bad about getting pictures off of the camera but I am constantly reminded about how much I love taking the time to take pictures. After a photoshoot with a friend a few weeks ago I’ve been trying to make the point to take more pictures, but not necessarily with my phone.

Speaking of cameras. We got the pictures back from my friends wedding a few weeks ago and I love them so much. Little Man looks so grown up and the whole ceremony was just beautiful. Massive props to her photographer Sweetness and Light Photography for the wonderful pictures..

Little Man and I went on a field trip yesterday to the apple orchard. Lately he and I haven’t had as much one on one time together and it was absolutely wonderful. We picked apples, road a tractor, learned about bees and ran around for awhile. I’m pretty sure we both agreed that the best part was the apple cider donuts though.

On the weekends lately we’ve been trying to sneak a few trips to the coffee shop in for some donuts. Last weekend Baby B got to have his first donut… it is safe to say it definitely will not be his last. There is not much that kid won’t eat.

If we were having coffee what would you tell me?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Oh my gosh! The popcorn festival! That’s so cool! I would love to hear all about that!
    Also, I really want to invest in a camera and improve in my photography too!

  2. You’re the second person to mention t-ball this week. My daughter is only about to be three, but I feel like t-ball could be a cool activity when she gets older.

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