My "Grandma’s Christmas Stocking"

It is about the time of the year where the Christmas stockings hit the needles. Generally it is knitting for a new cousin (marrying into the family or being born into the family). While I do have a few to make this year, my first stop was fixing my own stocking.

Years ago my stocking got a LITTLE too close to the fireplace. As any acrylic yarn would do it melted. Luckily only the toe was melted off.

A few years ago my mom started sending me home from Christmas with my stocking in hopes that I would finally fix the toe of the stocking. I’ve never cut anyone’s knitting before, let alone my grandma’s!

On Friday night Aaron came into the office to find me with a pair of scissors and this:


Have no fear! The stocking did not sit in pieces for long. Luckily the melting only happened at the toe. A little bit of cutting and the toe was as good as new!

The red is a little bit off but it’s not all that noticeable. Considering it was knit 26 years later, I’d say they match pretty well! Now about those other stockings…

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  1. And it will live another 26+ years! Grandma would be proud of you (but not of me for letting it get too close to the fire!). 🙂 xxoo

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