So There Was A Dance Marathon

My gym also has a giant gymnasium in it. With that being said from time to time there are events going on. Tonight there is a dance marathon and there is pizza…. 50 whole boxes….

So while I’ve been smelling pizza I’m using it as motivation to burn some calories!

Rockin out to: shark tank (20 minutes) and workout playlist
Sporting: jockey pants and tekgear top

Elliptical: 23:36, level 6, 230 calories and 2.5 miles
Treadmill: 2.01 miles, 20:36. 240 calories
Rows: 5 minutes, level 5, 55 calories
Incline sit-ups: 3×12
Planks: 2×30 seconds

Workout at lunch: 3×50 butt ball

Friday weigh in: 161.2 pounds and 26.7%. I am down about 8 pounds and 2.5% since December 17!!!

I threw in a swollen ankle pic for fun. Yea it kinda hurts! New shoes tomorrow!

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