Summer Memories

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Summer MemoriesI can’t believe how fast summer flew by this year. It seems like just yesterday the weather was starting to warm up (okay it was really only a month ago) and we were getting to spend our days outside. Summer always seems to disappear in our house. With longer days we pack them full of adventures and our weekends go by in a snap.

Since today is “officially” the last day of summer I’m having fun reflecting on my favorite summer memories.

It is hard to look back at summer and ignore my two big vacations of the year. We spent a wonderful long weekend in Las Vegas with our friends & family. It was a weekend of late nights, early mornings & pretending we had no cares in the world for the perfect amount of time. I would go back with that group in a heartbeat and look forward to our next adventure.

Just a few weeks ago my mom and I had a very quick trip to visit my family in France. It was another weekend of long days and short nights but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If only there was a way to visit them more often.

We had a great “date night” with my company at the White Sox game, while we didn’t win the game it is always an adventure with stories to tell the next day. Plus, there was a pretty awesome selection of nachos.

While I didn’t do too many races this summer, the Warrior Dash was one to remember. After getting rained out in Illinois we transferred our entries to Indiana. It was completely worth the extra hour in the car to get there as we had an amazing time.

As usual our Fourth of July party was a busy but awesome day. We are always completely exhausted by the end of the day but admit that each year it gets better and better. A day spent with our family and friends is our favorite kind of day.

Yes, we had a lot of fun events to look forward to but the absolute best part of summer was the evenings we squeaked in family time. Little man and daddy were on summer vacation so they were able to play baseball and work in the yard all day long. When I got home in the evenings we made a point to get out and enjoy the nice weather while we could.

After a month of non stop rain in June, we were so ready by the time July rolled around. We enjoyed evening walks to the park, endless trips down the slide, late night golf cart rides down to the lake, a simple family dinner outside & picking up sticks around the yard. Little man got excited every time he got to mow the lawn with daddy & mommy got to relax on the porch with a book.

It felt like weekly I was putting out a new pitcher of sun tea to drink throughout the week. I’m not sure what there is about it, but it always tastes so much better than teapot tea.

As I worked my way through the Stephanie Plum series, little man would play cars outside on the nice days. It was one of our favorite weekend activities. Every once and awhile we would break out the basketball hoop, bubbles or chalk.

Some nights when the need for chocolate hit, we would load up in the car and head down to get some frozen yogurt. With a little shop just a few miles away it became a dangerous, but fun family outing. Little man even started figuring out how to pour is own… we are really in trouble next summer! He has mommy’s sweet tooth!

I’m sad to see another summer come to an end. To be honest, I’m not quite ready to admit that tomorrow is the first day of Fall. We had an incredibly busy summer but it was a good one!

What was your favorite part of summer? Any favorite summer memories?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. Yes, I am looking for a break from the humidity for running! I can imagine that you have a pretty hot summer down in Florida!

  1. I kinda feel like summer just barely stopped by and then peaced out. ;_; I’ve been cheated!! (hah) It looks like you had a great one though! I’m trying to stay positive–at least fall recipes are amazingly delicious!
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