Fall Favorites

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Fall FavoritesThe pumpkin spice latte obsession started a few weeks ago, but I’ve refused to accept it. I’m not really a pumpkin spice fan but I really do love Fall and look forward to it every year. With that being said, I wanted to soak up every last minute of summer so I’ve stayed away from everyone who is planning their Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas lists. Now that Summer is officially over and today is the first official day of Fall and I am ready to go with a number of my Fall Favorites.

Caramel Apple Cider

I said it above and I’ll back it up here. I’m not a pumpkin spice fan and I’m sorry. While everyone around the US is obsessing over their #PSL I will happily enjoy my caramel apple cider. There are a few requirements though.

  1. It must be from Biggby.
  2. If it can’t be from Biggby, it must be real apple cider.
  3. The caramel apple cider kcups are a waste of time and money.

Apple Cider Donuts

County Line Orchard in Valparaiso, Indiana makes apple cider donuts that you could easily eat a dozen of in one sitting, especially if they are fresh out of the oven. They are a special treat this time of the year and one I always look forward to. This was my one exception to breaking into my Fall favorites early, I’ve already had two of them!


I consider this a Summer and Fall tradition, except I didn’t get to enjoy any this Summer. If I could find a candle that smelled like a true bonfire I would burn it all year. Our evening walks have been so much nicer with a hint of bonfire smell in the background.

The Weather

Yes, summer weather is the best. I love the 80-90 degree weather and would happily have it all of the time. The humidity on the other hand, I’m not a fan of. Fall weather always seems perfect (when it doesn’t sleet, snow or rain). The 50 degree weather where you can bundle up in a hoodie in the morning and enjoy the warm 70 degree weather when you leave work is such a nice change from the summer humidity.

The Colors

This is an extremely close second to Biggby Caramel Apple Cider. Fall is my favorite time of the year thanks to the beautiful colors of the trees. On a day with perfect weather a drive through a street filled with orange, yellow and red trees is one of my favorite things to do. There are only a few weeks out of the year that the trees look this pretty so I highly suggest a drive if you have never paid attention before.

So friends, it is officially Fall… you may now go enjoy your pumpkin spice lattes without me complaining.

What are your favorite things about Fall?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. Festivals are always fun! Glad that I’m not the only one not too crazy for pumpkin spice!

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