Sunday Morning Waffles

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As a Valparaiso University student (2004-2007) there was a tradition that pretty much everyone who lived on (and off) campus followed. Sunday morning waffles at “Berg”. Homemade waffles (and other breakfast foods) were a special treat in the dorms and everyone always looked forwarded to breakfast on Sunday mornings.

After college, waffles became a rare breakfast for me. Generally speaking I stuck with cereal or whatever we had left over in the fridge. I had them on occasion but it wasn’t until we invested in a waffle maker that I remembered how much I loved the Sunday morning treat.

When I was pregnant with Little Man, it is safe to say I became addicted to waffles. We went through A LOT of waffles, mostly Eggo but every once and awhile I would break out the waffle maker for some real waffles. I was pretty content with a smoothie and a waffle (or three) for every meal during that 9 months.

As Little Man evolved into eating solid foods, I quickly discovered that his love of waffles was just as big as mine. We slowly started making waffles each weekend and it became something to look forward to during the week. He likes to help make them now (he does not go near the waffle maker) and Sunday morning waffles have pretty much become a set part of our weekend.

Last weekend I walked into his room to get him up and he immediately said

Mama, I hungry let’s make waffles.

We headed down and brought his chair into the kitchen so he could help me mix up the waffles.

For awhile I was sticking with Bisquick waffles (because they’re easy), but I really wanted to try making them from scratch. A quick google search brought up The Pioneer Woman. We got to work and quickly realized how much more flavor can be in the waffles! These were a lot more work than the simple Bisquick waffles but they are worth the extra effort if you have the time.

  Mickey Mouse WafflesSometimes we make Mickey Waffles too.

Homemade Waffles from the Pioneer Woman look overwhelming at first but the more and more I make them the more I realize that they are not too bad. Now the biggest struggle I have is remembering to save four eggs for Sunday morning waffles! We do keep Bisquick on backup in case we are missing some ingredients.

Depending on the week and what we have planned for the rest of the week I will double the batch of waffles and freeze some. This gives us a quick running out the door snack some mornings or an excuse to have breakfast for dinner at least one night during the week.

I’m a breakfast food type person so waffles will always be a staple for me to make in the kitchen. They are worth the extra effort to make them from scratch and I never regret spending the time cooking them with my Little Man.

What is your Sunday morning favorite?
Do you prefer homemade waffles or frozen waffles?
Pancakes or Waffles?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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