The Month of January

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Breakfast of Champions

Hey Hey, wow, its been awhile since I’ve written. Lets see, last time I wrote I had just gotten back from Lansing. Wow, that was a month ago… lol… lets start at the beginning of January.

1st Week: I babysat a little on the 2nd… Then we had to go back to school…. YUCK! Gymnastics wise. I missed a lot of gym over Christmas break because of my ankle and because of my trip to Lansing… My first day back should’ve been that Wednesday, but my ankle was killing me and I came home from school crying cause it hurt so bad. So I got it checked out and I had some strained ligaments.

As Jan. moved on we got into Exams. YUCK! I managed to pull off all c’s and d’s lol… I threw up during two of them the last day. I got report cards though. I got all a’s and b’s again and managed to keep a 3.385. YAY!

Gymnastics wise, it’s been a crazy month. When I first was getting back into the swing of things, it wasn’t looking good. I was having back walkover problems, I couldn’t do my flyaway. Last weekend we went to Lima, Ohio. I wound up being an hour late and totally missing bar warm ups. I came into the gym almost in tears cause I was mad at the gym for giving us totally wrong directions (it said turn right when it meant left, we were like 15 minutes out of our way in the middle of nowhere) I got like a 26 all around and Sara beat me by like 2 points. I wasn’t very happy!

State Meet: This meet deserves a paragraph of it’s own! I was sooo proud after this meet. I got an 8.825 on vault, I fell on my face on the first one, but got up and did the second one and got my 8.825. Then on bars I did my whole routine and I got off the bar and looked at John and I said “That was the best bar routine I’ve ever done” I got a 7.30. It was awesome. Then we went to beam, I was sooo incredibly nervous cause the weekend before I had fallen 3 times. I got up and made my entire routine!!!! I got a 7.05!!!! Floor was the last and I was nervous about my ariel. Kayla and I were warming ariels up in the back of the gym and I made mine for my first time by myself in warm ups. Yet when it came time for the meet I fell, but it was still a decent floor routine and I got a 7.50. My all around was a 30.715… the second highest of my teams. The 13 and older sunrise team got 2nd place!!! We were all happy and stuff, with out like 93 team score. lol. In all the meet rocked!

Breakfast in Ann Arbor. By far the best morning of my life! First off, I must say, Paul and Morgan are two of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!

We had planned ahead of time to meet and have breakfast together in the hotel when they were in Ann Arbor for the Jason Whitfield Invitational. We got to the hotel around 8:30 and we were meeting the guys at 9:00 (We had a 45 minute drive, so we left a little early, and hung around the lobby for awhile) Kayla and Laurie wound up coming with me (Laurie’s basketball game got canceled, after all that mess) so we sat around in the lobby and we kept hearing footsteps around the corner and Kayla kept saying “IT’S THEM DOING BACKFLIPS DOWN THE STAIRS!!” (she was joking) the one time no one said anything, they came around the corner.

For a second Laurie, Kayla, and I just kinda stood there like, “okay, we’ve been waiting to meet these guys, now what the heck do I say” we shook hands and introduced everyone, Paul and Morgan gave me a poster autographed by the whole men’s team, a tee shirt that says good luck Morgan and Paul Hamm from their community that they had autographed, and an Australian bill that was autographed. I love them all! lol… We all went in and sat down to eat breakfast. Basically we talked about Sydney (Paul did the funniest Australian accent and Morgan talked about how they said “how u going” and u couldn’t understand whether they said “where are you going” or “How are u doing”), the Rock ‘n’ Roll thing (they said that everyone just watched Alexi’s routines with their heads in their hands laughing), how nerve racking it was competing at trails and USA’s.

Food came, we ate and talked more. lol. I’m not going to talk about what everyone ate or anything like that. After we ate we went and took pictures and stuff with the guys. By then it was around 10:15 and they had to go and finish getting ready for the meet, so we said good bye and left. We went from the hotel to the mall and Laurie, Kayla, and I shopped around a little. It was fun… I must say in all that was the best breakfast of my life! They definitely act like your typical high school guys.

Not much else is going on now, we are playing around with level 7 stuff at the gym, although, all of us are staying in level 6. Oh well. Thats about all!


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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