Why Hello….

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Dear Blog –

I promise I’m not trying to abandon you… life has been, well busy would be considered an understatement. Somewhere along the line of “I’m going to finish something every month” resulted in “no longer posting anything on this blog”. Unfortunately, the reality is, my knitting time has not been much.

After a crazy March filled with the flu, traveling and even finishing some socks, April got busier. I really didn’t think it was possible. If you asked me what caused all of the crazy in April…. I really couldn’t tell you… it flew by!

In May we bought a house and started renovating the kitchen. To say it was easy dealing with banks would be a lie. At the end of the day, knitting was just not going to happen.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this I snuck in a few pairs of baby booties for some friends and I finished a pair of Chicago Bears socks. I wish I had pictures to share with you, but that was another knitter fail on my part. See, I’m failing you blog.

In honor of this post, I took a picture of what I am actually on…

Bet you wish you could see the full thing huh?

Well blog, here is the thing. It’s a baby shower present for a friend. She knows its coming, she knows what color it is but the design in it is staying secret. So for now, all you get to see is a bored. In mid-July when I have more than 4 repeats of the pattern done, I’ll show you the whole thing.

Until then… I guess you will just have to wait. I wish I could say I’ll blog again before then, but I can’t make that promise right now. We’ll see what my knitting free time brings before I make that promise.

What have you been up to while I have been gone?

Love Always,

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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