Saturday Morning

After way too much Mexican food last night I needed to get a workout in it’s amazing how fast your body changes to knowing what it likes and doesn’t! With almost 100 oz of water and drinking two full glasses during dinner I still felt horribly dehydrated! So I had the rare opportunity to hit the gym on a Saturday morning so I took advantage of it!

Track: walked 1 mile (1/3 before and 2/3 after) ran 3 miles with a time of 31:06! I dropped 15 seconds! Even with getting shoved into a wall by someone who missed the sign that walkers stay on the inside and pushed me out of the way!

30 day challenges
Sit-ups: 40
Crunches: 20
Leg raises: 20
Plank: 30 seconds
Squats: 80

I think it’s safe to say ill hit my 10,000 steps today!

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